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For my jewelry market booth I needed a highly-functional display.

After experimenting with nearly a dozen different designs (see http://truejune.com/jewelry-display/ to read all about these trials), my mother and I collaborated on a solution that works.

Design Problem:

After many iterations, I concluded that the final design needed to be:

  • Lightweight, portable, and durable
  • Easy to store and set up
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Minimalist and not distracting, fit the “TrueJune” brand
  • Able to display AND store the jewelry
  • Accessible, allowing the customer to interact with the jewelry, touch it, and try it on
  • Stable when bumped and immune to the wind
  • Revealing, showing the customer what the product is: necklaces look like necklaces, bracelets look like bracelets, earrings look like earrings


I discussed these requirements with my mother and we designed frames made out of hardboard, a cheap, durable, paper-bag brown colored material. She put the files in the computer, cut them out with a laser cutter in California, and shipped them off to me in Colorado.

Here is what I received in the mail:



This offers a good view of the backs and show how the necklaces are secured on knobs. The frames can be oriented in landscape or portrait—any side up. I glued the circles on to the frames to separate the backs from the fronts and give the frames depth so the necklaces have room to hang.

Here is the frame with the front glued on:


Design Solution:

These are great. Each frame holds about a dozen necklaces. And the key feature is that the necklaces can not only be displayed, but also be stored in the light, sturdy frames. This is a huge relief and time-saver during set-up.

Unpainted, the frames provide a neutral background and look like a stage set for the main actors: the necklaces.

The necklaces can easily be removed and securely returned to the frames by the customers. The necklaces do not blow around or get too messed up during the shows.





And the most amazing part is that I HAVE NO TABLES in my display. No tables to schlep or cover, nothing to blow or knock over. All the frames hang from the tent walls via bright red para-cord that is “stitched” through the decorative elements of the frame. What a relief!

How would you solve this display design problem?

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