Built by a group of Geologist at the University of Colorado, Landlab is a Python-based toolkit for modeling earth surface processes.

Landlab hired me as a UX Developer to increase the tool’s publicity and distribution.

Since Landlab was a public GitHub-based repository, a GitHub webpage was chosen as the home for the organization. The colorful, simple splash page links to the public Landlab wiki as well as the Sphinx-generated readthedocs Developer API for the library. This simple, open-source, transparent, and free solution suits the academic context of this product.

  • Project Type: Web Design
  • Goals and Constraints: Design a simple, inexpensive website for an open-source Python library.
  • Solution: Using GitHub pages, GitHub wiki, and Sphinx readthedocs, created a branded homepage for the library.
  • Skills Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Sass, GitHub, Markdown, reStructuredText
  • landlab.github.io landlab.github.io