For this meditation timer, my goal was to inspire an emotional attachment in the user and maintain a mindset conducive to meditation.

The timer is set without typing in any numbers. Instead, the user sets the time by drawing a circle. The app gently, and almost imperceptibly, ripples, pulses, and breathes.

One innovation was that the user toggles between hr/min and min/sec using the pinch/expand gesture. The min/sec circle of time resides within the hr/min circle of time.

This project suits my principle of having an app do one thing very well. It was interesting to solve the problem of setting a timer from 1sec to 5hrs without typing in any numbers.

  • Project Type: App Design
  • Goals and Constraints: Design a simple meditation timer that allows the user to set the time without typing in any numbers.
  • Solution: Muted, natural colors and backgrounds are the theme. The user draws the time in a circle with a finger. A hovering readout follows the finger and displays the time.
  • Skills Used: Illustrator, Photoshop