This is the BETA prototype of the Pasta Plunges, Rice Rests app that I designed for my class Design: the Creation of Artifacts in Society with Professor Karl T. Ulrich. The app helps the user remember the steps to cook pasta versus rice.

My beta version combines a little bit of each of the techniques used in my final three prototypes: animation, ability to go to any screen from any other screen, minimalist illustrations, and arrows to advance. I added some functionality on choosing how much pasta to cook. I varied the animations. I simplified the visual design and stylized the images. I have yet to add functionality to the timer. Once the timer is ironed out, I will fill out the rice portion of the prototype.

The prototypes below are fully functional and you can click, swipe, and use other gestures on them with your cursor. Please give them a try.

Pasta Plunges, Rice Rests App BETA Prototype:




Prototype D

pages, links, bright and simple:

Prototype H

scrolling, animated, bold and colorful:


Prototype I

elastic list, animated, minimalist:

  • Project Type: App Design